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Educatiting Soccer Parents

Helping parents with the emotional, technical, tactical, and psychological evolution of their child, a lot can be gained. Being knowledgeable about soccer is the first step to properly supporting your child

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Principles of Soccer Parents

The principles of soccer platform is an interactive educational platform that offers parents and parent-coaches the ability to significantly enhance their soccer knowledge through curated video, private training, direct response messaging, audio response, multiple choice testing, surveys and high value incentives for educational progress.

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Principles of Soccer Clubs

An educated soccer parent can be an asset to a clubs community. An educated parent is able to better assist their child by holding coaches more accountable by working with them to create a healthy learning environment for their child and team. Most parents are only exposed to soccer that takes place within the community and do not have a resource where they can find curated educational materials. Some coaches and clubs unwisely,attempts to keep parents out of the child’s educational process. As clubs embrace the idea of educating parents in a meaningful way and begin to see the financial and developmental results, they will see a dramatic improvement in their clubs ability to fundraise, generate support for value add initiatives, and community development.

Education incentives for Parents

We have partnered with clubs, stores, training companies and event providers to offer significant discounts for parents that actively demonstrate their desire to learn more about soccer. An educated parent is better able to support the child, coach and lastly club. Examples of our discounts are: $100-$200 discount on two registrations for summer camp/ Free private training with an A, B, or C licensed coach/ Private training with a former professional soccer player/ Reduced registration for travel or intramural soccer.

Principles of Soccer Pricing

The Prinicple of soccer is available on Itunes and Android. The monthly price for full access to all curated video, direct response messaging, surveys, physical therapist hotline, multiple choice educational content, private training and high value rewards is $9.99 per month or $85 per year .


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